At Ephesus Stone we desire to be one of the best stone supplier, specialising in exporting beautiful and high-quality marbles, limestone, granites and quartz from Turkey to Scandinavia.

Our name and logo are extremely important to us, as we feel they directly represent our values and goals as a company.

Ephesus was the name of a powerful Ancient city (located in what is currently West Turkey). Ephesus was known as the city of marble and was home to a large number of stone traders, each of whom dealt with the highest quality materials. A number of well-known ancient artists travelled to the city to purchase marble pieces for their impressive works of art, sculptures and awe-inspiring buildings - many of which are still around today. The Temple of Artemis, as seen on our logo, was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Located in Ephesus the temple is known to be one of the great architectural feats of the ancient world.

We were inspired by the stories of Ephesus and the temple, when building our company. Ephesus Stone was born from the idea of promoting quality stones, at competitive prices, to meet the needs of the high-end interior design, and kitchen and bathroom renovation companies in Scandinavia.

From our initial beginnings we now provide a wide range of marbles,limestones and also sell to other stone suppliers. Some of our marbles are highly valued due to their uniqueness, making us the only supplier of its kind to Scandinavia.

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